Hämelschenburg, the famous German Trakehner farm in the beautiful Weserberg Land close to Hameln, Lower Saxony, was founded and is operated by the family of Otto Langels. He, his wife Jutta and the daughter Beate manage an operation of outstanding quality and a farm that has always been a corner stone of competitive Trakehner breeding.

Picture a castle from a fairy tale. Right next to it you see the beautiful black and white "Fachwerkhaus", the living house of the Langels family. And in the back, you will find a horse barn, complete with paddocks, a small indoor arena and a dressage arena outdoors. The main barn is reserved for the stallions of Hämelschenburg, and in the past 40 years of its existance, numerous outstanding individuals resided here.

The castle of Hämelschenburg Fachwerkhaus of the Langels-Family

The stud was founded in 1962 with the aquisition of the first two mares: Vilja by Julmond and Zauberlied by Lateran.


The Hämelschenburg mare families

Family of Vilja:
Vilja was a small chestnut mare by the highly important Julmond. The papers of her dam had been ost during the war, but she carried the moose antler on her hip that identified her as a Trakehner. Vilja's line remained small, but produced outstanding stallions and performance horses, mostly in combination of Vilja's daughters with Ibikus and Impuls. The dressage stallions Valerian and Vincent, both by Ibikus out of Impuls mares, proved to be just as important as the talented show jumper Velasquez (by EH Mackensen out of Vitalis by Ibikus). Also from this line is the Grand Prix winner and sire of numerous approved sons, EH Van Deyk (by Patricius xx out of Vanessa by Ibikus). In addition, the two FEI dressage winners Vitellus (by Ibikus) and Vicomte (by Karon) came from this line and were bred in Hämelschenburg. Today, the V-line mare Vinczenza by Showmaster maintain this family.

Vicenza by Showmaster (3-years old) - ridden by the 14 years old girl Larissa Stupperich Vitellus by Ibikus - ridden by Beate Langels
Family of Zauberlied:
Zauberlied had 14 foals in her career, 4 of them became major league players in advanced competition. According to the Lateran background in the family, the horses had a special talent for show jumping. Zauberer by Impuls won the German National Show Juping Championships for Junior riders, Zauberfuerst by Impuls and Zauberstern by Ibikus won FEI show jumper classes and Zaunkönig by Impuls placed 3rd at the CCI *** Luhmühlen and was National Eventing Champion. The "Zauber" family that was founded in Hämelschenburg later was further developed by Veronika von Schoening and the famous farm Argenhof, who bred the DLG winner and important sire Zauberklang (by Prince Conde), later ATA.
Zauberfürst by Impuls out of Zauberlied by Lateran
Zauberfürst by Impuls
Zauberstern by Ibikus out of Zauberlied by Lateran
Zauberstern by Ibikus
Zaunkönig by Impuls out of Zauberlied by Lateran
Zaunkönig by Impuls


The close geographical relation to Webelsgrund was an important factor in the sales and breeding decision of Jutta and Otto Langels. In the 60s, three most famous mares arrived in Hämelschenburg: Kaprice II by Impuls out of Kassandra by Sporn and her full sister Kassiopeia, both from the main stud Trakehnen family of Kassette and Schwalbenlied by Impuls out of Schwarze Schwalbe by Traumgeist xx from the famous Schwalbe family. All three of them founded exceptional branches of their families.

Kassiopeia by Impuls, Landesschau- und DLG-Siegerin
Kassiopeia by Impuls
Kassiber by Ibikus, Australischer Militarychampion
Kassiber by Ibikus
Kaprice II by Impuls, Premiummare
Kaprice II by Impuls

Family of Kassiopeia:
Kassiopeia was a full sister to Kaprice II and came from the Rhineland farm Marberthof in Krefeld, although bred at Webelsgrund. She produced the approved Kassiber, eventing champion in Australia and sire of the NMS champion Amadeus, and the approved FEI dressage winner Kastilio, who sired tha approved and equally successful dressage stallion Katapult. Her most important daughter was the elite mare Kleopatra, dam of the approved Kleostro by herzbube, Kadre Noir by Upan la Jarthe AA, Klabautermann by Enrico Caruso and Klavigo by Enrico Caruso. Her daughters Kleo's Beste and Kleo's Double, both by Kostolany are valuable members of the mare herd and their offspring can be found in breeding programs around the globe.
The 3 successful Ibikus-daughters Elitemare Kleopatra II, Karben and Elitemare Schwalbenburg
Family of Kaprice II:
A popular stallion from this line was Karneval by Ibikus out of Kaprice II, who became an important sire in the USA. Equally important was the bay mare Kapriziöse. Her son Kaspareit was one of the most important brood mare sires in the US, his daughters often inheriting his powerful way of going. The K-line at Otto Langels' farm stood for outstanding movement and lots of bone and substance, while the classical Trakehner type was not as strong as in other lines. Kapriziöse's other son was the FEI dressage stallion Kapuccino, like Kaspareit a son of Mozart.

Kaprice's biggest influence came through her bay daughter Karben by Ibikus. Karben produced the bay Karon by EH Arogno, sire of Beaujolais II, Gadsby, Schampus and the immortal EH Caprimond. Karben's daughter Kapstadt by Falke is dam of the important sire Kostolany (by Enrico Caruso) and her latest daughter Kassuben (by Enrico Caruso) is a valuable broodmare at Hämelschenburg today. Her son, the approved premium stallion and FEI dressage winner Kapriolan F (by Exclusiv) is a popular stallion and represents this line very well.

Kapriolan F by Exclusiv out of Kasuben by Enrico Caruso Kassuben by Enrico Caruso and her daughter Kasita by Maestro
Family of Hymne:
Hymne also came from Webelsgrund, but didn't meet the expectations of her owners when it came to substance and bone in her offspring. Her line is no longer represented at the farm. However, with another Ibikus match, the mare Hämelschenburg was born and later produced the mare Habiana by the Grand Prix dressage stallion Fabian, a 3/4 brother to Abdullah. Habiana is a well respected mare in the breed and produced the very good dressage sire Handryk by EH Van Deyk, who stands at stud in East Germany and is very successful as a dressage sire with his first offspring debuting at Grand Prix last season.

Family of Schwalbenlied:
Schwalbenlied was the third mare Otto and Jutta Langels bought at Webelsgrund. She won the German National Riding Horse Championships in Hamburg and placed 2nd at the same event in Wiesbaden, ridden by Otto Langels himself. She also proved to be a great producer. Her brown son Santiago by Wie Ibikus was the NMS champion stallion in 1978 and became a major sire for the Bavarian Trakehner Stud Schwaighof and the Bavarian warmblood breed as well.

Elitemare Schwalbenlied by Impuls
Schwalbenlied by Impuls
Elitemare Schwalbenburg by Ibikus
Schwalbenburg by Ibikus
Schwalbenlust by Enrico Caruso, Landesschausiegerin
Schwalbenlust by Enrico Caruso

Schwalbenlied's most important offspring however was her daughter, the elite mare Schwalbenburg. She produced 4 approved sons: the Danish champion dressage sire and "Trakehner Stallion of the Year 2003", Schwadroneur by EH Arogno, the Grand Prix dressage stallion Showmaster by Kostolany, the state stud stallion Sans Souci by Kostolany and the show jumper Stradivari by Upan la Jarthe AA, sire of the popular Key West and the 2001 champion K2. In addition, Schwalbenburg's daughter Burgschwalbe by Mozart produced the champion stallion Seigneur by EH Consul, who was sold to the US and did after only one breeding season, and the Schwalenburg by Mozart, who is the foundation mare for the young approved Sarasani by EH Partout. Schwalbenburg's last direct daughter at the farm was the champion mare Schwalbenlust by Enrico Caruso, who very sadly passed away at the beginning of 2004. Her daughter Schwalbenspiel by Exclusiv now has the task to live up to the high standard her ancestors set. She started out well by producing the premium-mare Sankt Helena by Alter Fritz and the newly approved, premium stallion Shavalou by Freudenfest.

Schwalbenspiel by Exclusiv with her filly by Summertime Showmaster by Kostolany, international Grand Prix Champion
Thiara by Falke came from a family that was especially successful in the dressage ring. Her dam, the state premium mare Thila II by Condus was a full sister to the dressage stallions Temperitter and Tarim, both successful sires in North America. Their full sister Tekoa, the last of the siblings, is the dam of the young ATA approved Tzigane. The family carries the name S9A Sabine today, but really can be referred to as the Toga family. Only one mare represents this line at Hämelschenburg today, but she is like no other: the elite mare Thirza by Karon out of Thiara. She produced 12 foals in 12 breeding years and among several outstanding daughters, sired the 1996 reserve champion in NMS, Trocadero by Enrico Caruso, who today, stands at Sian Read's Bluewood Trakehner Stud in Great Britain.

Family of Gavotte:
Gavotte by Karon out of Gurtis by Pregel was a member of the big O326 Gundula family, originally founded by the Polls. Gavotte was a very substantial mare and the caliber and bone she produced is still visible 2-3 generations down the line. Her daughter Gloriette III by Kostolany is the most important carrier of that genetic treasure today and is a brood mare for Bernhard Langels in Schäplitz. She had 4 daughters by Alter Fritz in a row, the first one, Gracia Patricia, was the inspection champion in the 4 year old class in Moritzburg last summer, and at the same inspections, her 3 year old sister Greta Garbo became the grand champion of her class. In 2003, another black daugter of the combination Gloriette-Alter Fritz was born, and sold under the name of Grace Note to TI clients Christine and Sheryl Williams' in Victoria, BC, Canada. She is a filly of exceptional quality and will continue this string of success for her maternal line in North America. At the home in Hämelschenburg, Gavotte's line is represented by the mares Gwendolyn by Maestro out of Gloriette, Guendalina by Red Patrick xx out of Gwendolyn by Maestro and Greta Garbo by Alter Fritz.

Elitemare Thirza by Karon Gavotte with her filly Gloreitte by Kostolany
Over 40 approved stallions were bred, raised and also prepared for the inspections in Hämelschenburg over the years. Hämelschenburg always was and still is a key factor in the German Trakehner breed and stallions from this farm have shaped and continue to influence the Trakehner breed and other warmblood registries worldwide.
It all started out and evolved around the major sire Ibikus. Ibikus had been aquired at his home stud in Webelsgrund by Otto Langels and was presented under saddle, winning several German National Titles with his rider and trainer Otto Langels. It was in Hämelschenburg that the great "nick" between Ibikus and Impuls daughters was discovered and lead to perfection. Ibikus was later sold to Denmark, where he stamped the Trakehner and local warmblood breed to quite an extend as well. Ibikus' most important son was also the one that looked the most like his famous sire: Wie Ibikus (out of Wanja by Carajan). Equally successful with Otto in the saddle, this stunning sire passed away after only 2 breeding seasons. These two seasons left the breed with the champion Santiago, the elite stallion Vatout, the outstanding dressage sire Ferrum, sire of the approved Grand Prix stallion Lions-Club and the chestnut Kiebitz, sire of the elite stallion and 100 day test winner Banditentraum.

Of those stallions that not only left prints in Germany, but worldwide, a few stand out the most: for North America, Falke by Grimsel, Enrico Caruso by Mahagoni, Kaspareit by Mozart, Ith by Ibikus, Mozart by Gunnar, Samurai II by EH Mackensen, Vincent by Ibikus and Karneval by Ibikus all had their roots in Hämelschenburg.
Kassiber by Ibikus left Germany for Australia, Karim by Mozart and Eisenerz by Falke were utilized in Brazil, Schwadroneur by EH Arogno, Ibikus by Hertilas, Silvermoon by Kostolany and Raubritter by Ibikus influenced the Danish breed, Mozart by Gunnar, Kostolany by Enrico Caruso and especially EH Gribaldi by Kostolany left their prints on the Dutch breeds, Maestro by Matador, Trocadero by Enrico Caruso and EH Vatout by Wie Ibikus are standing in UK and France, respectively. Within the German warmblood breeds, Karon by EH Arogno, who also stood at stud in Oldenburg, left quite a mark there and in Hannover as well and Sans Souci by Kostolany is a State Stud stallion in Moritzburg.
Championsire Kostolany by Enrico Caruso
Kostolany by Enrico Caruso
Championsire Gribaldi by Kostolany
Gribaldi by Kostolany
Schwadroneur by Arogno, Sire of the year 2003
Schwadroneur by Arogno

Today, the stud farm is home to 6 approved Trakehner stallions and also distributes frozen semen of 4 more proven sires.

Alter Fritz by Chardonnnay out of Agatha Christie by Kokoschka is not only a successful advanced level dressage horse, but also proves to be an outstanding young sire. His first son Chabrol was approved in 2001 and his daughters prove to be of high quality both in inspections as well as mare performance tests. Alter Fritz is a descendant of the popular EH Consul-EH Rockefeller line and dominantly passes on his exceptional lose and supple movement in combination with outstanding temperaments.
Exclusiv by Starway out of Elysee by Zauberklang was a riding horse champion under saddle and represents the small TB family of Star Regent xx, which has produced outstanding performance horses so far. His most prominent son is the approved FEI dressage winner Kapriolan F. His beautiful black daughter Vineta was sold through TI and ended up with a reserve champion title at the central mare inspections in Westfalia in 2003 for her new owners in Canada. Exclusiv often reproduces his own size and substance in combination with very powerful movement and elasticity. His kids also inherit his own better qualities in jumping, which is documented by the National Event Horse Championships finalist Twist. He is an interesting outcross stallion nowadays, since he comes from a TB line with a maternal pedigree that is full with top riding horse producers (Zauberklang, Rubin, Patron).

Freudenfest by Tolstoi out of Freundin by Amadeus was the champion stallion in NMS in 1999 and sold at auction to the farm. He brings back old Hämelschenburg lines through both his sire (a Kostolany son) and his dam (a grand daughter of Kassiber). Freudenfest was a popular sire in the breed right from the beginning. Out of his first foal crop, 3 sons were approved in NMS last year: the outstanding mover Godot from Denmark, the very typey Ostpreusse who was raised and prepared at Hämelschenburg and finally the premium stallion Shavalou. Freudenfest seems to pass on exceptional movement qualties, his get also often inherit his brilliant type and as we were told by the Langels, Freudenfest is now finally in preparation for an extended dressage career. He is an exceptionally talented stallion.

Kostolany by Enrico Caruso out of Kaprstadt by Falke has become one of the breed's most influential sires in the past 15 years. He was champion of his approval in 1987 (the same year that EH Caprimond was reserve champion) and has progressed to become one of the breed's most popular and successful sires. His numerous sons influence warmblood breeding throughout Europe, and his daughters make for great brood mares. Even more important, because it is the ultimate test for any sire, is the record of his offspring in the competition ring. Kostolany's kids can be found in international dressage (e.g. Shannon TSF, EH Gribaldi, Showmaster), in advanced level open jumper shows (e.g. Amazing and Pretty Woman) and in the upper levels of eventing (e.g. the approved Bertone). Because of his own big frame and substance, Kostolany has always been an exceptional partner for TB mares and many of his best results were achieved by crossing him on mares with a solid TB or Arab background. The big black stallion is getting older, but nevertheless is still as impressive and breathtaking to look at and through over 140 registered main stud book mares and several approved sons, his line stands on solid ground. We wish him and the Langels family that take such good care of the old master all the best for many more successful years.

Championsire Freudenfest by Tolstoi
Freudenfest by Tolstoi
Alter Fritz by Chardonnay
Alter Fritz by Chardonnay
Premiumstallion Summertime by Michelangelo
Summertime by Michelangelo

Summertime by EH Michelangelo out of Sarogna by EH Arogno is a rather new stallion for the farm, he was approved with a premium titel in 2000 and his first foal crop hit the ground in 2002---with a bang. Never before did the breed director Lars Gehrmann publish a first crop report that was as enthusiastic and thrilling as the one on Summertime. His foals stood out with type, size and above all, movement, which included all three gaits and not only a fancy trot. Summertime won a number of young horse dressage and show jumper classes and is now unfortunately constricted to breeding, understandable in one way for a farm that needs to think economically, on the other hand it would be great to see a stallion with his talents in the show ring. Maybe that will come in future. For now, Summertime impresses with his excellent foals (the editor of this page calls one her own too!).

Shavalou by Freudenfest out of Schwalbenspiel by Exclusiv is a typical Hämelschenburg "son", combining the lines of Kostolany through his sire with the successful Schwalben mare family through his dam. The dark bay stallion impressed the crowds at last season's approval in NMS with his very supple way of going with seemingly endless suspension and an outstanding feel for rhythm and balance. He also displayed a good sense for jumping and if there was something to critize about him than it would be the slightly long and weak connection in his saddle position. Shavalou was taken back home by the Langels and started under saddle, where the great temperment and work ethics that have been bred into these families for generations became visible immediately. The picture below show him after only 14 days under saddle.

In addition to the stallions standing at stud, a few of the former "famous" ones, in some cases deceased in others sold away, are available via frozen semen. These include the EH Leonardo son Honeur, who produces excellent brood mares and competition horses with special talents in show jumping, the advanced dressage stallion Manrico by Gipsy King, who lives in Holstein, the Grand Prix dressage stallion Showmaster by Kostolany and the French Anglo Arab Upan la Jarthe, who is not only a proven performance sire in Westfalia, where he is a State Stud stallion, but who also influences the Trakehner breed though his son Stradivari and his sons more than most Arabs. Upan la Jarthe was discovered by Otto Langels in France when he was a yearling. Which also shows what an excellent horseman Otto Langels is.

Maren Engelhardt

the Hämelschenburger mares