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Pr.a.ESt. Greta Garbo

Black Trakehner Mare,
born 2000, Stick-measure: 167 cm
Family of Gundula
Breeder: Bernhard Langels, Schäplitz

Greta Garbo v. Alter Fritz, Siegerstute der zentralen Stuteneintragung 2003
Alter Fritz Chardonnay E.H. Rockefeller
Cera II
Agatha Christie
Gloriette III
Kostolany Enrico Caruso
Gavotte Karon
Valuation: 8,5 - 8 - 7,5 - 8 - 9,0 - 8,5 - 9,0     Breeding: 15 / 14
Stud Record:

GOLANY by Summertime,
born 26.03.2004

GEORGES CLOONEY by Summertime,
born 23.03.2005

Pr.St. GERALDINE by Summertime,
born 08.03.2006

GIOVANNI SILVA by Summertime,
born 18.03.2007

GUISEPPE by Summertime,
born 14.04.2008

GERALDINIO by Summertime,
born 26.04.2009

Colt by Shavalou,
born 25.04.2010

born 12.05.2011

Pr.St. GINGER ROGERS by Symont,
born 02.06.2012

THE IRISH (ex GUARDIOLA) by Saint Cyr,
born 21.01.2014

Pr.St. GACYRIA by Saint Cyr,
born 21.03.2015

Pr.u.StPrSt. GABBANA by High Motion,
born 26.03.2016

Colt by Saint Cyr,
born 23.02.2020

Colt by High Motion,
born 23.03.2021

Hengstfohlen v. Summertime u.d. Greta Garbo
Performance Record:
Champion of the Central Mare Grading, Moritzburg 2003
Valuation: 58,5 points
Champion Mare performance test 2013
Premiummare of the Trakehner Verband
Greta Garbo is mother of the aproved stallion Giovanni Silva (Canada)

This daughter of the Hämelschenburgian sire Alter Fritz has a marvelous lined body combined with a very expressive type. Her character and temperament are first rated, and three outstanding basic movements belong to her special dividend. Any minute she is in superior style!

On the occasion of the central mare-show in May 2003 she entered the studbook with 58,5 points (final note 9,0) and she won the Championship in supercilious manner. Now she belongs to the highest valued mares of her age-group!

Her sire "Alter Fritz" won Dressagetests up to class M and he will now be schooled for the very high dressage-classes. He is a very talented horse for Piaffe and Passage. Excellent basic-movements, riding-ability, a very good character are the credit points of this performance orientated stallion.
His pedigree is full of dressage-stars: Chardonnay - Rockefeller - Consul and Kokoschka and Postmeister.

Greta Garbo's dam - Gloriette III - is also dam of her fullsister Gracia Patrizia both becam the champions of the central stud-book-entering at Moritzburg in their age-groups (3- and 4-years old). On the dam-line Kostolany and Karon, both S-Dressage-winners, as well as Pregel, an outstanding sire for riding-abilities, are the ideal supplementations to the sire-line.

Gloriette's 2nd dam Gurtis is a fullsister to the very successful "Ginster" (sire of the premium-mare "Herzchen"). To the offspring of the dam-line of "Gundula" belong also "Guter Stern" (Champion at the stallion selection), "Guter Planet" (Reserve-Champion at the stallion selection) and "Guy Laroche" (Premium-sire).

Alter Fritz

Alter Fritz by Chardonnay
Dressage winner class M

Kostolany - the Phantom of the opera

Kostolany by Enrico Caruso
Dressage winner up to class S
The phantom of the opera

Karon - 3-years old

Karon by Arogno
Dressage Winner up to class S