Hämelschenburger Stutenherde
The Trakehner stud farm Hämelschenburg is located in the Weserbergland about 50 km south of Hannover, was founded in the early 60's by Otto and Jutta Langels and is now run by Beate Langels.
Jutta und Otto Langels mit den Stuten Schwalbenlust, 
	Sacre Coeur, Kassuben und Kasita
The continued existence of the farm is held with 14 selected mares, coming from outstanding Trakehner mare-families, for example the DLG-Champion "Kassiopeia", elite-mare "Kleopatra II", Championshipwinner "Schwalbenlied", elite-mare "Schwalbenburg", "Vilja", "Gavotte", "Thiara" and many more. Today their Grandchildren such as "Schwalbenlust" by "Enrico Caruso" (Champion of the national broodmare-show at Neustadt/Dosse), or the dams of sires "Kassuben" by "Enrico Caruso" and "Thirza" by "Karon", shape the breed.

Hämelschenburger Mares Gavotte with her filly by Kostolany
At all times we gave special importance to the rearing of studs. Four champion sires ("Santiago", "Kostolany", "Gribaldi" and "Kastellano"), three vice-champion sires ("Samurai", "Trocadero", "Mozart"), numerous premium-sires (e.g.: "Karon", "Silvermoon", "Summertime") or other important sires for example "Schwadroneur", who was sire of the year 2000 in Denmark.

Our two year old stallions, Trakehner Gestüt Hämelschenburg - 26.June 2008
Hämelschenburg sires and mares have hat great influence on the world wide Trakehner breed. Well known sires such as "Ibikus" (fourtimes Championship winner) and others began their careers in Hämelschenburg. "Arogno", "Mozart", "Enrico Caruso", "Falke", "Karon", "Kostolany" are some of them and it is hard to imagine the Trakehner world without them.

Champion-Sire Kostolany Exclusiv by Star Way and Alter Fritz by Chardonnay
This year, we are happy to present you in addition to our other proven sires, the 3 top studs, the Grand-Prix winner "Showmaster" by "Kostolany" and the premium sire "Summertime" by "Michelangelo" and the premium-stallion "Shavalou" by "Freudenfest".
We would also like to point out to you our farm in Schäplitz/Altmark (Sachsen-Anhalt). In this scenically region Bernhard and Sabine Langels are running an agriculturally based horse breed.

One year old mares in Schäplitz